Raising your frequency is a love language to elevate your entire well-being. Total well-being is taking a unified, grounded approach to advance your self-love frequency emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Raising your frequency holds no definitive destination; as you elevate your awareness to all that is, so does your vibrational frequency in the interconnectedness of all existence.

Consciousness frequently speaks of a sovereign path of curiosity, connection, collaboration and creativity with joy infused with love.

Every human on the planet has their own unique frequency love signature that’s tuned to support them in raising their conscious awareness as they navigate life.

Throughout history, humanity’s fascination to holistically heal through plant medicine, psychedelics and alternative healing modalities is no longer a territory labeled as an alternative. A fresh approach is progressively forming globally in western medicine, openly supporting very successfully in varied trials to reduce trauma, wounding, and even complete resolution of psychosomatic ailments experienced in the physical, emotional and mental bodies resulting from today’s modern world’s demands of work-life, pleasure balance.

Undoubtedly, we will see a significant rise of interaction in exploring self-healing modalities in the coming decade. Some of you reading this will be delighted; some may be curious about what that may look like.

Actively seeking out facilitators/practitioners that can hold a vibrant, compassionate and visionary container for you to explore all aspects of self is vital to the sustaining success you can gain from learning the art of self-healing mastery.

Self-healing mastery is about self-exploration, learning how to access grounded inner wisdom of self by applying it in daily life, by owning the inner polarity of both light and shadow of self. Learning how to move towards higher states of consciousness and conscious awareness to all that is through a dynamic, transformative frequency rising trajectory.

Breathwork is taking individuals on an entirely new frontier in deepening their mindfulness to self and interwoven thread of connectedness we all have to each other within the universe. Breath is life; life is sustained powerfully through the breath.

This is why The Chalice Frequency Elixirs were birthed to support individuals like yourself through their own self-exploratory journey in coming home to deeper self-awareness, self-healing and complete self-love transformation. Particularly in ways not perceived as possible previously.

In the wake of COVID, adrenal fatigue, chronic stress, anxiety and mental health, emotional well-being with overall physical health has left a significant proportion of the population in a dis-ease state. Having access to self-regulatory services coming back into a state of wholeness with health and vitality, ease, grace with daily life flow is in high demand.

Self-care has never been a luxury; what you explore in supporting yourself is a natural love frequency you teach others about how you care for yourself. Meaning life is a mirror.

We feed ourselves in frequency exchange and what we put out into the world & precisely what reverberates back to us. When we desire more purposeful connections, experiences and fulfillment in life, that will always invite us to step into a new frequency exchange. To surrender what’s not working by allowing our breath of life to upshift.

This is where Frequency Mind and The Chalice Alchemy Elixirs combine forces with supporting you in up-shifting your frequency exploration incomplete restorative health, well-being, heart, mind, body, soul with source.

The Chalice Alchemy Elixirs are artesian alchemy vibrational frequency tools to aid you across all aspects of your life in self-healing mastery.

Combining the elements of Fire, Water, Aether, Air and Earth with rare crystals used to be infused with botanicals. Channeled high pure source frequencies of light spectrum from 528Hz to 999Hz are woven to unlock, transform and heal the aspects of self that keep you enmeshed to the old. So you can liberate your complete sovereign self into the highest possible vibrational frequency grounded in the now.

Each sacred artesian crystal elixir, aura spray, or ointment is metaphysically aligned to specific aspects of clearing, healing and alignment for optimal restorative well-being. Emotional, mental, spiritual bodies back into full harmonization to the divine-human expression you are. They are hand-curated by ASHRA, a seventh-generation seer, medium clairvoyant psychic alchemist, who has taught hundreds of thousands of individuals like yourself to master self-healing, raising the frequency of one’s entire existence.

The top five transformational benefits from working with these alchemy crystal elixirs are:

Attuning your frequency to both the earth and the universe in divine unity

Untangling and dissolving by bringing into full visibility old patterning, beliefs and illusions to self that is non-self serving or sustaining.

Healing the past, stepping into the now fully to co-create the future to come

Recalibrating the self-love frequency to higher states of receivership, abundance and prosperity with life, others and creativity.

Expand higher self, higher states of conscious awareness into grounded application in the eternal now.

Why would The Chalice Alchemy Elixirs benefit you?

It’s an affordable, effective and gentle, powerful way to access aspects of self that may be hidden, repressed, or have difficulty changing the connection to heal and upshift your entire love frequency.

It works subtly with your emotional and mental bodies for ease of integration and simulation across your conscious awareness.

You can work with the products daily, weekly as per the protocol advised with each specific elixir, spray, or ointment for optimal results with no downtime required to integrate visible results.

A powerful way to strengthen your self-care routine in learning the art of self-healing mastery emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually that stand-alone meditation or journaling can not provide across all areas of your soul to human expression.

Deepen your love language with self, so the quality of your connections match your love frequency professionally, personally and intimately.

Open you to being more intuitively attuned to your body as a barometer of truth, opening your extrasensory ability at a pace that meets your curiosity.

Raises your personal frequency to elemental energy, angelic, cosmic and galactic beings of light, as well as the deep richness of your soul history that is part of who you are in the now.