Our Mission

Breath gives us life.

To live life to its fullest, we must breathe to our fullest.

At Frequency, we believe that breath is the portal into your essence. Our mission is simply to act as the vessel to help you access your gifts.

Our hope is that you may reap the transformative effects of breath. In turn, we believe that you will be able to show up in the world with greater peace, purpose, self compassion, and love — the highest frequency of all.

We know that when you are living your highest expression of yourself, you can inspire others to as well. When you heal your inner world, it resonates into your outerworld. When we take responsibility for our own healing, we heal the collective.

We believe breath is a portal into...

Our Core Values

Radical Inclusion

You are free to be here in any body, with any color skin, with any sexual orientation, any gender identification, any age, any nationality, any history and any dreams. You are free to be here as long as you accept all parts of all others to be here. We understand that our individual vibrations become part of the Frequency, and we understand that others have equal right to absorb and be absorbed by the collective Frequency.


You have a right to honor your own personal boundaries and to have those boundaries respected. Frequency, too, is a living organism with a clear set of boundaries. She does not tolerate racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination, intolerance, shaming, harassment, criticism or unwanted physical or sexual contact inside our physical or our virtual space. These ideologies and behaviors are contrary to radical inclusion and, therefore, unwelcome.

Collective Energy

We activate human connection as a piece of all of our classes. It creates a different kind of solvent for more things to rewire, to dissolve, to create. It creates a more amplified neuroplastic field. And because everyone is in it together, it allows for more work to be done in a way that feels buoyant. If you ever wish to opt out of any ask, simply place a hand over your heart. If you see someone place a hand over their heart while you are engaging with them, respect the boundary and mirror back with a hand over your heart. A hand over the heart can be a gesture of acknowledgement, respect, gratitude and love.

Virtual Connection

While joining us for virtual classes, we want you to feel comfortable, but please dress, behave and engage as you would if you visited us in person.


Frequency strives to be inclusive and accessible to all. We designed our membership pricing to help make the Frequency practice accessible and to encourage a regular Frequency practice. If you cannot afford our drop-in or membership pricing, without hesitation, please email contact@frequencymind.com.