The Frequency Breathwork experience is a transformative experience that is deeply therapeutic for the mind, body and spirit. The studio is a hidden gem in New York City and the energy, community, and support that ripple through can be felt as you step inside. 

Our teachers, whom we call spaceholders, and the space of the dome itself creates a container to heal, journey, and release.


The Frequency Breathwork Experience

The moment you walk into Frequency, you are met with a warm welcome, the scent of palo santo, dimmed purple lights, and calming music, an atmosphere of serenity. The time leading up to class is an opportunity to connect with both the spaceholder and fellow breathers as the collective energy begins to form and community and connection is birthed. Then it is time to enter the immersive dome.

The geodesic dome has sacred geometry visuals projected on the walls and sheepskin rugs on the wood floors, and high-vibrational music played through headphones, the Frequency dome is a container that instantly instills a sense of coziness, lightness, peace, and resonance as you arrive. Upon beginning the breathwork experience, everyone finds a seat in a circle where they can share how they’re feeling, set a personal intention, and get a glimpse into the breath practice itself.

In addition to your own personal intention, it is typical that the spaceholder will set a group intention that will thread throughout the entire session which creates a powerful theme for the class. Each spaceholder carries their own unique energy, teachings, and ways in which they design the experience. 


The Role of the Spaceholders

As the breathwork experience can prompt the surfacing of repressed emotions, release trauma and energetic blockages from the body, and induce non-ordinary states of consciousness, the spaceholder plays a critical role in creating a breathwork container that helps us to feel safe and held. 

Every time we show up to breathe, it is a radically different experience. With that said, having someone to help you navigate through whatever shows up for you that day is essential. When the facilitator holds space in such a way that each individual feels held, guided, and supported, the breather can begin to feel safe to feel and process anything that surfaces. This is the process of healing and self-love.

To have the space held when experiencing confronting emotions or releasing what you may have been holding onto is key to a breathwork journey. The Frequency spaceholders help you to move energy, unwinding and shifting anything that may be stuck or stagnant. As we untangle energetic blockages, unprocessed or suppressed emotions or traumas, we move into homeostasis, into a state of balance, wholeness, and truth. We can begin to move through our shadows and emerge into the light. 

Breathwork so beautifully allows us to move out of the thinking mind and drop into the body, into the heart. And it is in this space that we can shift our thinking by rewiring our neural pathways. The brain is neuroplastic and breathwork helps to unwire and rewire from old patterns, addictions and limiting beliefs. 

By getting curious and integrating cognitive statements that interrupt old patterns, the brain will begin to consider these new pathways, and will create new connections. As such, the words that are used and the guidance that is offered by the spaceholder holds the power for deep transformation, healing, and new understanding. 

Frequency spaceholders also offer light hands-on touch and gentle movement (with the breather’s permission) to deepen or soften into the experience. This helps to unwind energy that may be stagnant and release what the body may have been holding onto, and support any physical or emotional sensations. Additionally, they guide the breathers into a collective energetic release. That may mean yelling, humming, screaming, laughing or some sort of vocalization to move the energy out of the body. Following the release, the breathwork experience tends to deepen, and the bodily and emotional sensations heighten. 

The dome, along with the Frequency spaceholders, create a powerful container for exploration, curiosity, and playfulness. As you connect back home to you, your inner landscape, and expanded layers of awareness and consciousness, the spaceholders are always there to support you on your healing journey and help you feel safe to be with your feelings. We hope you’ll come try the Frequency Breathwork for a deeply transformative and unique experience.