Breathwork as a Fast Track to Inner Work

As a society, we are preoccupied with ‘outer work,’ and mistakenly believe that by changing elements in our external world, we will begin to feel more fulfilled. We become fixated on measuring our successes and self-worth by the amount of money that we make, the growth in our careers, or the house we live in […]

11 Ways to Raise Your Frequency, Your Energy, Your Consciousness

We are energy. We are vibrating electromagnetic beings. The power to raise and shift our frequency is ours. Our frequency is our energy, our vibration, our consciousness. It is what we feel and what we emit in the world. Our frequency shapes our reality. In this article, we’ve outlined eleven ways you can learn to change your energy or frequency and shift into a greater level of consciousness and begin to live life from this place of higher vibration.

Reasons Why Breathwork is Radical Self Care for BIPOC

The pandemic has awakened within me a dedication to Radical Self Care practices, as well as the intention to share knowledge with my BIPOC community. The flood light on the injustice around access to breath has never shined brighter—from police brutality to environmental hazards causing asthma and overcrowded detention centers/prisons—breathing while Black is a radical act in itself.

Of Course, I Still Love You (Excerpt)

The invitation to be uncomfortable and the power of breathwork and mindfulness practices to cultivate leadership, compassion and our ability to way-find.