Peace is the ability to love and open ourselves to our greater power.

Each breath in and out is an opportunity to deepen self-love. Your breath is a catalyst to heal and maintain love in your life. Your breath is your answer. It is how you turn inward for what you need, ending your self-doubt and cravings for external validation. Each time you feel the need to ask someone for an answer or you feel out of balance, go to your breath first. Allow it to harness the love within and give you the wisdom you need in the moment.

Breathing is transformative—it turns negative into positive, insecurity into value, confusion into clarity, jealousy into trust and hate into love. You can tap into your divine strength and depend on yourself for your happiness without feeling isolated.

Breathing cures inner conflict. As you breathe, you will bring new energy into your body, expose the hidden, dilute negativity and resolve the issue. You will gain access into all parts of you—mind, body, heart and spirit—and learn from your inner wisdom. Little by little, as you go inward, you will develop the strength to trust yourself. As your self-love grows, you will absorb more peace and begin to love yourself and others. Each breath holds the capacity to fortify inner resilience, quieting your mind and diluting negative voices. As you develop your breathing practice, you will experience more self-value, and you will need less and less permission from others to be yourself. It is freeing to love another without the need for them to love you back and powerful to love unconditionally.

The chaotic nature of life can easily take you off path. You can become frenetic, distracted and confused. Rest and relaxation can be replaced with stress and fear. Before you know it, you have created a life with little or no love in it. This destructive pattern can spiral into poor physical and emotional health.

Your breath is your everyday reminder to stay connected to love. Use it to stay positive in your thoughts and actions. Any time you feel clouded, angry, irritated or lost, use it. And use it long enough to really hear and listen to yourself. One breath is not enough to cut through the daily negativity that creeps in. Your breath is protection from emotional pollution.

As we are all different, you may need five minutes of breathing or an hour. Either way, develop a daily ritual to use your breath and slowly work on seeing and feeling its power to change your life. Because your breath will begin to create space within, you will discover new perspectives and solutions. Peace will blossom into new ideas and truths. You will begin to open up, and your growing awareness will reveal inconsistencies, and help you sweep out the pain and create authenticity.

Learning to breathe is a life-long process, so let go of your expectations and practice patience. Like a vitamin supplement, spend five minutes focusing on your breath before each meal. When you are ready, add it into your nightly ritual as well—a 15 minute session before bed will help you let go of the day and set yourself up for true rest. Inhale into the nose through the body, breathing in calm. Exhale out of the mouth, releasing conflict. Add breathing sessions as needed throughout the day to deepen love. Give yourself the time you need to discover your body’s natural rhythm and the most effective way of breathing for you.


ria ray