10 Reasons To Start Your Breathwork Practice Today

The breath reconnects us to ourselves. It heals us. It allows us to tap into who we truly are. However, it is often left on autopilot, leaving us to pay little attention to the depth or quality of our breathing. When we can begin to consciously alter our breathing patterns to encompass deeper rhythmic breaths, we can see shifts in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual landscapes. In fact, breathwork is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to shift our energy, or our frequency.

The effects of breathwork on the body, mind, and spirit are immediate, radically shifting our frequency with each session. The breathwork experience truly opens us up to new ways of thinking, being, and navigating in the world.

Although the reasons to begin a breathwork practice are endless, we have compiled a list of ten to spark your breathwork journey. We hope you join us and our incredible Frequency breathwork teachers for a chance to learn to use the breath to release, to explore, and to flourish.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Most people tend to be shallow breathers, which puts them into a state of fight or flight in their sympathetic nervous system, which keeps them in a constant state of stress and anxiety. However, by consciously shifting that chronic shallow breathing pattern to contain longer and deeper breaths, we bring the nervous system into rest and digest, into the parasympathetic nervous system, into calm and relaxation. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system reduces heart rate and blood pressure, which cultivates feelings of calm and relaxation, and reduces anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

2. Releases Past Trauma

When trauma remains unprocessed, it can become stagnant or stuck energy in the body, creating energetic blockages and oftentimes physical pain or disease. When these obstructions reside in the physical body, we are held back from living out our full potential. Breathwork serves as a powerful tool to release and untangle these traumas, blockages, and energies.

3. Improves Sleep

Throughout each day, we are bombarded with stimulants, directly impacting sleep patterns. Deep breathing can mitigate the effects of the stimulants, as it relaxes the nervous system, prompting a deep sense of calm, and thus, better sleep. As we engage in a breathwork practice, we learn to quiet the mind and calm the nervous system, and fall asleep with more ease and enter into deeper rest.

4. Supports Self-Awareness

By consciously controlling the breath, we are bringing ourselves into a state of presence, cultivating self-awareness as we learn to go within. Residing in this inner space, we journey out of the business of doing and become present to the being that we are. Breathwork is a powerful embodiment therapy that deepens with practice.

5. Fosters Self-Love

Breathwork has been called heart medicine and for good reason. It connects us to our true essence, to our heart, to our higher self. To foster self-love, we must quiet the doubting inner critic and expand our sense of self through the heart. Breathwork is a direct pathway to the frequency of love, you can feel the vibrational shift after just one session!

6. Boosts Immune Functioning

Breathwork serves as an incredible mechanism to shift the pH of the body towards a more alkaline state that aids in the prevention of disease. With each deep exhale, we expel carbon dioxide and other toxins, detoxifying the body and blood and boosting immune function. Additionally, the breathwork practice helps to strengthen the lungs, which has a direct impact on toxin release.

7. Raises Energy

When we take deeper breaths, the stomach expands outward and the lower ribs sideways, contracting the diaphragm which aids in filling the lungs with oxygen. The amount of oxygen that we inhale directly impacts the amount of energy that is sent into our cells. Thus, the more oxygen that we take in, the more energy that we will have. Breathwork also expands our electro-magnetic field and raises our frequency.

8. Magnifies Mental Clarity

Breathwork can serve as a tool to move past mental fog and into states of clarity, as breathing both consciously and deeply creates an expansion of consciousness. By interacting with new layers of consciousness, we can release limiting beliefs and what we may have been holding onto, fostering creativity and insight.

9. Heightens Intuition

Many people tend to put the analytical mind on a pedestal, veering away from their inner compass that is all-knowing. Breathwork allows us to journey back home to ourselves, to tap into our true essence, into our inner wisdom, paving the way for a deep inner listening, intuitive listening. By pausing and listening, the breathwork practice offers us a container to learn about and trust in ourselves and our intuition.

10. Deepens Spirituality

Breathwork deepens our mind-body connection, as we tune into the body, into our true nature, into our inner selves. The breath fosters this greater awareness for our body, mind, and spirit, supporting a connection with our true selves, others, and source. Awaken to these connections in just one session.

It is clear that breathwork offers an array of magical benefits, and it does so immediately. Whether you are searching for a form of emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual transformation, the act of conscious rhythmic breathing can offer you your desired shifts. The practice is truly life-changing; give it a try for yourself to see, first-hand, how breathwork can change your life.