Senda Baccar

I believe that Art is healing.
The art of expressing my truth authentically and living in the now.
As a poet I channel words of wisdom. I heal through my presence and words.
Breath is the treasure, it is the medicine that heals me and others. I use breathwork, reiki energy and high vibrational frequency in my sessions to release stuck emotions and access joy.

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Senda Baccar is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a spiritual healer, an intuitive coach, an artist, a scientist, and a tennis player.

She comes from a scientific background and has been exploring many healing modalities. She believes that Breathwork and Art are powerful medicines to heal generational traumas.

She considers herself an activist filmmaker and writer with a vision to democratize spiritual healing, indigenous & ancestral wisdom, plant medicines, and energy work.

She guides deep and transformational journeys through breathwork, reiki healing music and intuitive movement