Oihana Garde

Oihana has been searching for what she calls magic all her life until she realized that magic was inside us all along, transforming her from Seeker to a Seer.

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Oihana is a healing artist and transformational guide working with Breath, Movement and Touch to empower individuals and groups to dive into their most authentic selves.
Originally from Spain, she has a background in acting and other performance arts. Blending her academic knowledge with her lived experiences, she co-created SEER Dance/Movement (Sacred Earth Embodied Ritual, based on the sacred roots of Belly Dance, inspired by nature’s elements (earth, water, air and fire) and infused with a more contemporary and interpretative form of dance.
Diving deeper into her own healing process, she studied Inner Child Healing, Shadow Work, Intuitive Healing, Somatic Attachment Therapy and Tantra, becoming also a Reiki Master, a HypnoBreathwork coach and a Sacred Aex/Intimacy guide.
Her mission is to bring more pleasure and meaning into our lives through our bodies, minds and hearts. Guiding people who are seeking to tap into their own power and magic.