Jayne Ebner

As a yogi and dancer, Jayne’s curiosity tends to wander towards the movement of breath in the body.

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As a dancer and yogi, Jayne’s heart likes to express itself through the physical body. She sees breath as the vehicle into our inner worlds. After all, breath, emotion and energy are all sensed and felt through the physical body. She believes our only task in life is to witness and observe our experience and to create meaningful connections with others along the way. Her sense of groundedness and inner joy tend to naturally empower those around her to freely express themselves and be in their beingness.
Jayne is 200 hr YTT Certified through Kula Yoga Project under the care of Nikki Vilella, and has participated in Conscious Embodiment and Breathwork Trainings with such notable teachers as Erin Telford, David Elliot and Zach Dacuk. She is Head of Content at Frequency.
When she is not leading breathwork, she is cooking for her loves or attending dance parties all over planet earth.