Eva Kornet

Eva Kornet is an intuitive healer. She combines many different healing modalities to help people to live out of their authentic self guided by their own wisdom.

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Hi, my name is Eva Kornet and I’m many things. But one side I’d love to share with you is that my soul is a healer and my human is a spiritual, loving, creative, joyful rebel that has the ability to look at life from a place of freedom. I love humans and the complexity of life fascinates me. I’m a constant explorer of consciousness and healing. I am Wild Woman.

I believe we need to heal collectively and change the way we are living. We are in a huge shift into an age of energy and frequency, which opens up so many new possibilities into our being. Collectively we’re challenged to rethink life, heal generational trauma and reconnect to ourselves and our journey. Each one of us holds the necessary wisdom for the unique life path. We just have to reclaim our power and learn to take ownership for ourselves.

My healing journey started in 2008 with a massive nervous breakdown. I found myself burned out and overwhelmed, and I realized that I wasn’t living authentically and true to myself.

At that point of my life, I had achieved a lot of things that were supposed to make me happy. I owned a market ruling company with over 500 employees, I owned a house, a car, I had a husband and a lot of money, but I was deeply unhappy and disconnected to myself.

In my breakdown, I made a life-altering decision to figure out my life and shred of my skin. I was determined to find my truth and follow my heart.

After I cried a lot of my pain out, I picked myself up from the bathroom floor and I started to question every little part of myself and my life.

The process was intense. I turned myself inside out. It felt like I died a hundred deaths to be reborn a thousand times. I gave up everything, only to receive it all a million times back.

I sold my company in Germany, played around with different lifestyles, traveled the world – and eventually made Brooklyn, NY my home.

My vision for us collectively, is a healed evolved human race, where we enjoy this beautiful planet and life together. A place where we embrace our divine nature. That is what keeps me going every day. I believe in us.

I’m a Virgo, rising Sagittarius, Moon in Cancer. In Human Design I’m a Manifestor and my soul picked the Master Number 22 for my life. I’m highly sensitive and love my super power.

My healing services and work are influenced by many healing styles that I connected with since my healing journey started in 2008. I started out with a classic life and business education, where I learned transformational tools and styles like EFT, family constellation and hypnosis. I took a turn into the spiritual realm like shamanism and energy medicine. I love my Kundalini Yoga and how it teaches me about my soul and energy every day. I work with various meditation styles like guided imagery meditation and different breathing practices.